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Industry Insights for Healthcare Businesses

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Maximize and forecast revenue. Easily find denials and act on low and late payments. View and track claim-level details. Speed up collections. Precision reporting tools that deliver actionable data and reminders.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Take command of relationships and referrals. Our CRM system makes it simple to manage and track leads, accounts, referral sources, campaigns and more. Works seamlessly with our RCM solution and your existing data.

Better Together

Dazos RCM together with CRM

Dazos offers powerful solutions for both Customer Relationship Management and Revenue Cycle Management, but did you know that these two platforms are even better when you combine them? Dazos RCM and CRM brings two worlds of data into one place, allowing you to see true ROI marketing performance and enabling real-time admissions decisions using historical financial data.

Never before has a system made it so easy to see your real numbers! Save time, solve problems and improve revenue with the Dazos Business Intelligence Suite!


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