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Unlock Admissions Growth: Data-Driven Insights from Dazos Marketing Insights

By Renee Goodenough

July 2, 2024

Running a behavioral health facility is a constant balancing act. You need a steady stream of admissions to keep your programs running, but inefficient marketing efforts can quickly drain your budget. Dazos Marketing Insights offers a solution. This data-driven tool within the Dazos platform helps you identify exactly which marketing channels are driving qualified admissions, allowing you to optimize spending and focus on the strategies that deliver the biggest impact.

Dazos Marketing Insights: Unveiling the ROI of Your Behavioral Health Admissions

Building on the need for a steady stream of qualified admissions, Dazos Marketing Insights go beyond simply identifying which channels bring in new patients. This powerful tool sheds light on the true return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts by employing a multi-faceted approach.

Here's how it works:

  • Connecting the Dots: Dazos seamlessly links each admission within your CRM to the corresponding marketing touchpoint – a specific referral source, a targeted campaign, or an individual sales rep. This eliminates guesswork and provides a clear picture of which marketing efforts are driving admissions.
  • Multi-Layered Analysis: Dazos doesn't stop at source identification. It then aggregates this data through five key lenses: Admissions Rep, BD Rep, Lead Source, Specific Referral Partner, and Campaign Source. This allows you to analyze performance across your entire marketing ecosystem, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses at every level.
  • Beyond Vanity Metrics: Forget focusing solely on admissions volume, a metric that doesn't tell the whole story. Dazos Marketing Insights integrate with your claims data, revealing the revenue generated from each marketing source. This empowers you to prioritize channels that deliver not just leads, but qualified patients who convert to paying clients.

Optimizing Admissions Strategy with ROI-Driven Insights

Many behavioral health organizations rely on admissions volume as a primary metric for success. While this offers a basic understanding of incoming patients, it doesn't reveal the full picture. 

Dazos Marketing Insights take a deeper dive,leveraging cost-per-admission (CPA) alongside ROI to paint a clear picture of your marketing efforts' true financial impact.This empowers you to make strategic optimizations to your admissions strategy in several key ways:

Prioritize High-Performers

 Dazos sheds light on which channels generate the most revenue, not just leads. This allows you to strategically allocate your marketing budget, focusing on the partnerships and campaigns that deliver the highest return on investment. No more wasting resources on channels that produce a high volume of unqualified leads.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

By pinpointing channels with a low ROI, Dazos Marketing Insights empower you to eliminate wasteful spending. Reallocate these resources to the strategies that demonstrably deliver qualified patients and maximize your financial return.

Target the Right Audience

Dazos goes beyond simply identifying lead sources. It reveals which sources bring in the most qualified admissions. With this knowledge, you can tailor your outreach efforts to target the specific demographics and needs that resonate most effectively with your ideal patients.

This shift towards ROI-driven decision-making allows you to optimize your admissions strategy for long-term success. Dazos Marketing Insights become a powerful tool for attracting qualified patients, maximizing revenue, and ensuring the financial sustainability of your behavioral health organization.

Dazos IQ: Supercharge Revenue with Cutting-Edge AI

Dazos Marketing Insights are just the beginning. For an extra boost, consider Dazos IQ, a powerful AI feature that takes your marketing insights to the next level. Dazos IQ analyzes your admissions data alongside your marketing efforts,identifying hidden patterns and pinpointing the most profitable sources.

With Dazos Marketing Reports and Dazos IQ, you can:

  • Target the Best Referrers: Build stronger relationships with the referral partners who consistently deliver qualified patients.
  • Watch Your Revenue Soar: Experience significant growth as your admissions strategy becomes more efficient and effective.

Stop guessing about your admissions pipeline. Embrace the power of data-driven insights with Dazos Marketing Reports and Dazos IQ. Contact us today to learn more about how these innovative tools can revolutionize your behavioral health practice.

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