Release Notes

Stay updated on Dazos' latest developments with Release Notes. They give you a brief overview of the new features, fixed issues, and known issues in the most recent versions of Dazos products and services.

Version: 2.6 Release Date: 03/15/2023

  • Speed & Performance Improvements! The Dazos team has been working hard on optimizing the code and data structures to enhance the performance and loading speed of the CRM. With these improvements, you can now enjoy lightning-fast browsing and loading times, as the average system-wide performance has been boosted by 300%!

Version: 2.5 Release Date: 02/27/2023

  • GoogleAds Integration - Your CRM may now be integrated directly with your Google Ads account, in order to record Offline Conversions for your Google Ads. Available under CRM Settings -> Integration -> Google Ads Setting.
  • Multiple EMR Accounts - The Dazos CRM may now be integrated with multiple EMR (Kipu / Alleva) accounts / instances, mapped by location.
  • HubSpot Web Analytics Integration - The Dazos CRM may now be integrated with HubSpot Web Analytics, in order to pull web traffic data from your HubSpot system directly into the CRM Leads/Accounts/Opportunities.
  • iVerify on your Website - iVerify may now be added directly to your website for a "Verify your Insurance" form, providing you with the ability to offer insurance verifications to potential patients directly from your corporate or facility website. Available under CRM Settings -> Integration -> Verify insurance setting.
  • Sync All Records to MailChimp/ConstantContact/HubSpot - There is now a setting to on-demand synchronize all of your records to MailChimp, ConstantContact, or HubSpot Email Marketing. Available under CRM Settings -> Integration -> Mail Campaign Settings.
  • MailChimp Tagging - MailChimp Tagging is now available. Through our MailChimp integration, you may now add tags to the diferent types of Objects (Leads, Accounts, Referral Sources, Referral Contacts) when synchronizing them to MailChimp, so that you can create list segments for each audience type.
  • CRM Theme Settings - The Dazos CRM look and feel may now be fully customized through our Theme Settings. Colors, fonts, logos, and other aesthetics may be fully customized to meet your brand's image.
  • Documents now available in the Transactions module - The Transactions Module now has a Documents tab, so that files may be uploaded that are tied to a transaction (receipts, invoices, payments).
  • Schedule an E-mail for later - Users may now choose to schedule an e-mail to be sent later within the CRM. When using the "Send E-mail" icon in any Lead/Account/Opportunity/Referral Source, there is now a checkbox to "Schedule Email" to be sent at a later date/time.
  • New Field Type: Related Module - When editing a module under "Module Fields & Layout", a new field type is available when selecting Add Custom Field: Related Module. This field type will allow the adding of a secondary related module field, such as a 2nd "Referral Source" or "Campaign Source" field to a Lead/Account/Opportunity.
  • New Field Type: Owner - When editing a module under "Module Fields & Layout", a new field type is available when selecting Add Custom Field: Owner. This field type will allow the manual adding of a new CRM Users/Group list, such as a "Admissions Rep" field, automatically containing all of the users and groups in the CRM.
  • Sorting of Detail Reports - Detail reports may now be sorted by any field, regardless of its grouping. When viewing a Detail Report, there is now a "Order By" button that allows you to sort the report by selecting the sorting fields right before it.
  • CTM Text Message Integration - There is now an integration available for inbound and outbound text messages sent to and from CallTrackingMetrics. Like the phone integration, text messages will now automatically trigger Leads to be created (for non-existing numbers), and Task Activities to be logged to their corresponding object in the CRM.
  • Profile Pictures - Profile Pictures may now be enabled for Leads/Accounts, in order to optionally upload and attach profile pictures to these records.

Version: 2.4 Release Date: 01/09/2023

  • Google and Office365 Calendar Integrations - Your CRM calendar may now be integrated and fully synchronized with your Google/Gmail calendar or your Office365 Calendar. Available under My Preferences / Calendar Settings / User Management for each user.
  • New Medications Module Table - The Pre-Assessment module now includes the sub-module Medications in order to collect patient medication usage during the pre-screen assessment.
  • Module Table Fields - A new configuration screen allows administrators to change the fields collected on sub-modules (Related Contacts, Insurance Policies, Treatment History, Substance Use History, Travel Records, Medications). Available under Settings -> Modules -> Module Table Fields.
  • Viewable PDF Files - PDF Files are now directly viewable inside the CRM without having to download and open it with Adobe or other apps.
  • Manually Link and Un-Link Opportunities to EMR Records - When integrated with an EMR, your Intake Opportunities will now show a link to manually "Link" or "Unlink" the Intake Opportunity to an EMR Chart record. This is in case the system's automatic mapping for that opportunity/patient failed or was mapped to the wrong patient in the EMR.
  • EMR PDF Integrations - The EMR integrations now transfer VOB, PAA and other PDF files from your Documents module directly to the EMR when creating the patient in the EMR.
  • Zapier Integration - The Dazos CRM is now fully integrated with Zapier in order to allow integrating the Dazos CRM with hundreds of other applications that also integrate with Zapier as a bridge.
  • Square & Stripe Payment Gateway Integrations - Square Payments and Stripe Payments have been fully integrated into the CRM for the Transactions module and credit card processing.
  • WendiForms Integration - The CRM is now pre-integrated with WendiForms for webhooks.
  • User Group Tagging in Comments - Groups may now be tagged in the Comments section in order to tag all users in a single comment that belong to a group.
  • Webhooks in JSON Format - Webhooks may now be created in either FORM/POST format or JSON format.
  • Re-arrange Key Fields - Key Fields on all modules may now be re-arranged in any order.
  • Documents module Roll-up - The Documents module now has a "Roll-up" feature (like the Comments and Activities) so that you can view documents that are tied to either the Account or the Intake Opportunity from either screen, or from any parent/child module object.
  • Mail Converter to automatically attach emails to CRM records - By enabling the Mail Converter, the Dazos CRM can now scan all of your inbound e-mails and automatically attaches any e-mail coming from a Lead, Account, or Referral Source to its corresponding record under the "E-Mails" tab.
  • Mass Edit more than 500 records at a time - The Mass Edit tool may now be used for an unlimited number of records, through a scheduled process when more than 500 records are updated at a time.
  • Import Related Contacts - Related Contacts may now be imported for Leads and Accounts under the "More" menu in those module lists.
  • Hidden Fields - There is a new "Hide" checkbox when editing a field in the Module Fields & Layout screen. This new hide setting will by default hide a field but leave it enabled, in case it is desired to be shown through a Field Dependency and used to collect/show data.
  • EMR Integration - Updating of Admission Date Field - All EMR integrations now automatically update the Admission Date field in the Dazos CRM if it is updated in the EMR for a linked opportunity/patient file.
  • Workflow Conditions Improvement - When adding Workflow conditions, you may now select multiple values in picklist conditions, enabling the use of "Or" conditions within "And" conditions.
  • Spell-Check in Comments - Comments sections in the CRM now include a spell-check feature.
  • New Workflow Action: Send Internal Notifications - There is a new Workflow action available: "Send Internal Notification". This new action will allow the automatic sending of an internal notification to any CRM User/Group based on your Workflow conditions and triggers.
  • HubSpot Integration - There is a new integration with HubSpot Email Marketing. Similar to our MailChimp and ConstantContact integrations, the HubSpot Marketing integration automatically synchronizes Leads, Accounts, Referral Sources and Referral Contacts to HubSpot E-mail Marketing.
  • Text Message Notifications - New fields under "My Preferences" are available for configuring automated text message notifications. Under My Preferences, all users may now enter their Mobile Phone, Mobile Carrier, and choose "Yes" under "System Text Notifications" in order to start received text message notifications from the system.
  • Pull Traffic Data from CTM - A new setting has been enabled in the CTM integration to quickly and easily enable the pulling of visitor / site tracking data from CallTrackingMetrics, including Landing Page, Keywords, etc. These fields will be directly visible in the CRM under the Lead/Account/Opportunity.
  • Comments on Referral Contacts - Comments may now be added and tracked directly to Referral Contacts.

Version: 2.3 Release Date: 09/07/2022

  • New Mail Manager Module - A new module called Mail Manager has been released and is now available for use. With the Mail Manager module, users may now manage their primary e-mail account directly through the Dazos CRM, enabling actions that can be taken directly from e-mails such as creating and updating Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Referral Sources, Tasks, Tickets, and appending your communications with them to their records in the Dazos CRM.

  • New Field Types: Number Slider, Percent Slider, and Toggle - 3 new types of fields are now available for use in all Dazos CRM Modules. The Number Slider is a number selector in a horizontal slider within a specified range. Similarly, the Percent Slider allows a user to select a % from a horizontal slider rather than manually entering it or selecting it from a picklist. Finally, the Toggle type of field is an On/Off toggle type of field (similar in concept to a checkbox but with a toggle interface).

  • New Notifications Center - A new and improved Notifications Center has been released. By clicking on the Notifications icon on the top, you will now be able to clear notifications without clicking on them, clear all notifications at once, or click on View All to go to the Notifications Center. In the Notifications center, you will be able to view Notifications and Reminders from the Dazos CRM, Read and Unread, as well as manage their Read settings.

  • Renaming of Blocks - Blocks may now be re-named / re-labeled on any module. Before this update in order to change the name of a block a user would need to delete/hide the existing block and create a new one, then move all the form fields into that block. Now existing blocks may be re-named, avoiding the need for this process. Available under Module Fields & Layout on all modules.

  • Relation Fields are now editable - Relation fields are now editable directly from their record screen. Users may now edit a Relation field directly from its record without having to go to the parent or grandparent record. For example, the Date of Birth (DOB) is a reference field on the Intake Opportunity, calling the DOB from the parent Account, and may now be edited directly from the Intake Opportunity itself without going to the Account.

  • Summary Graph Report Improvements - Multiple grouping levels (3) are now available in Summary Graph Reports.

  • New Referral Source Portal - Your Referral Source Contacts may now log in to their portal! In their portal, Referral Sources can do several things including: Submit a new Referral to your Organization, view their past and present referrals (both inbound and outbound), and much more. You may enable the Referral portal login by going to the Referral Contact that you want to enable access for and under "Portal User" select Yes or checkmark it. The Referral Contact will then receive an email with their portal login credentials and link.

  • New Customer / Client Portal - Accounts and their Related Contacts may now be given access to your Client Portal! In the Client Portal, your clients and their Related Contacts will be able to log in, view their information, submit a Survey, and much more! To enable the Client portal for any client, go to their Account and checkmark the "Portal User" setting. This will automatically send an email to the client with their portal credentials and login link. You may also enable the portal for their Related Contacts by editing the Related Contact and setting the "Portal User" setting to Yes.

  • Calendar Tasks Improvements - Tasks have several improvements: They are now able to have either a Specified time or be set as an "All Day" task. In addition, tasks for Leads and Referral Sources now show comments and the parent record's contact information directly from the Task screen itself, for easy access to their contact information.

  • Related Contacts from PAA - Related Contacts may now be added and managed directly from the Pre-Admission Assessment module. Due to popular demand, related contacts are many times collected during the Pre-Admission Assessment process, and so the Dazos CRM now enables this easily while filling out the PAA.

  • Recurring Payments and Payment Plans - Recurring Payments and Payment Plans are now available and fully configurable within the Transactions module. Recurring Payments may be created to collect a routine payment from a patient (i.e. Rent)... while Payment Plans may be created to collect a patient's balance in equal installments over a certain period of time.

  • Import Comments from CSV - Modules with Comments (Leads, Accounts, Intake Opportunities, Referral Sources) may now have their comments imported from a CSV file.

  • Expected Discharge Date and Expected LOS - The Treatment Plans tab inside Opportunities now have an Expected Discharge Date field and an Expected Length of Stay (LOS) field that gets updated on its own based on the Treatment Plans entered. The Expected Length of Stay may then be used to compare to actual Length of Stay in any report or Dashboard graph.

  • Outbound Referrals from EMR Integration - A setting may now be turned on to enable the EMR integrations to create Outbound Referrals within the Dazos CRM, if a "Referred To" value is entered in the EMR.

  • Discharge Patient Window defaults to Discharge Plan - For patients who have Admitted, the Discharge Patient button popup now automatically grabs the information from the Discharge Plan and puts in on the screen by default, avoiding the need to enter the Discharge Date and Outbound Referral information if one is available on the Discharge Plan.

  • Patient E-Mail Statements and Detailed Invoices - The Transactions Module now allows users to send out both Summary and Detailed statements via email. Summary statements group all of the transactions into their categories and sums each category (both charges and payments) up to a final balance, while Detailed statements will list every single transaction on the e-mail statement (both charges and payments), tallying up to a final balance.

  • iVerify Automation Schedule - Administrators may now select which days of the week or days of the month, and time of day they want iVerify Automation to run on.

  • PDF Re-Design - VOB and PAA PDFs have been re-designed to match with Dazos' new and improved look and feel.

  • Email Templates and Workflow File Attachments - Files may now be attached to E-Mail Templates and Workflow Emails, to allow for automating of emails with attachments on them.

  • Recurring Payments and Charges until Discharge - The Transactions Module now allows recurring charges and payments to continue running until the patient discharges and will automatically stop running as soon as the patient discharges, avoiding the need to manually cancel recurring charges or payments when a patient discharges.

  • Export & Import Dazos Report Settings - Dazos Report files may now be exported to a file and imported into any Dazos instance. Enables the easy copying of reports across separate Dazos instances.

  • Multiple Survey Capabilities - The Survey module now enables multiple survey versions to be created and sent/presented to your patients based on any conditions set. For example, you may have a Post-Discharge survey sent out as soon as the patient discharges, and another survey sent out 3 months after discharge. Configurable using the Module Type field and under CRM Settings -> Configuration -> Survey Settings.

  • Inbound Call Notifications - With CallTrackingMetrics, agent users can now receive WebPush notifications when receiving an Inbound call and answer the calls directly from the Dazos CRM popup CTM opener. Available by Role permissions.

  • WebPush Notifications - WebPush notifications are now available and standard in the Dazos CRM. Not only will you continue to get a notification bubble on the top of the CRM with your Notifications Center, but you will also get clickable WebPush notifications on your computer whenever a new message comes in for you (optional).

  • Custom Fields for Insurance Policies and Related Contacts - Custom fields may now be added to Insurance Policies and Related Contacts - in case any Administrator would like to collect more information on either of these 2 tables they may do so by creating custom fields or by editing the default fields that come with it.

  • Custom Fields for Treatment History and Substance History in PAA - Custom fields may now be added to the Treatment History table and the Substance Use History table in the PAA module - in case any Administrator would like to collect more information on either of these 2 tables they may do so by creating custom fields or by editing the default fields that come with it.


Version: 2.2 Release Date: 06/22/2022

  • New Documents Module - A new module called Documents has been released and is now available for use. With the Documents module, Dazos CRM users can now upload, attach, link, modify, and create files inside the Dazos CRM without the use of Comments, and link these Documents to any of the major object types (Leads, Accounts, Intake Opportunities, and Referral Sources). Users may also upload global documents to share internally within the CRM or with clients/families. The Documents module is available as an icon in the "ribbon" area of these 4 modules, and also show below their Summary view tab (under Key Fields). A "Documents" link has also been added to the CRM's Main Menu on the left, taking users to a full list view of all uploaded Documents regardless of which record they are attached to (or not attached to any record if global).
  • New Survey Module - A new module called Survey has been released and is now available for use. The Survey module allows Dazos Administrators to configure a survey questionnaire to send to patients after they discharge. These survey results will be stored and can be reported on from within the Dazos CRM, either aggregating the results and averaging them out, or on an individual basis.
  • Mail Converter - A new feature called Mail Converter has been released and is now available for use. The Mail Converter is a tool that allows you to connect your e-mail account to your Dazos CRM, enabling the Dazos CRM to read and analyze your e-mails in order to attach inbound emails to CRM records (inbound emails will appear under the "Emails" ribbon icon tab on the Account for any emails that come from that account's matching email address), and to be able to define rules to create, update, and fully manipulate records within your CRM based on those emails and rules you define. Available under CRM Settings -> Other Settings.
  • Mailchimp Integration - Dazos CRM is now fully integrated with MailChimp via API. Leads, Accounts, Referral Sources, and Related Contacts will automatically be synchronized with MailChimp. Dazos CRM will also pull and show sent campaign information and read/click statistics from your MailChimp Campaigns inside each Account within the CRM.
  • iVerify Eligibility Details Re-Design and Cleanup - The iVerify Instant VOB results screen has been re-designed to be cleaner and only show relevant information by default, eliminating the "Sea of Text" previously shown for some results. Duplicate and un-necessary redundant information has also been removed from the results screen, resulting in a much cleaner and easier-to-read Eligibility results screen.
  • Treatment Plan Templates - A new feature called Treatment Plan Templates is now available in the CRM Settings -> Configuration menu. Treatment Plan Templates allow Dazos Administrators to configure default templates for treatment plan stays, specifying how many days in each level of care each treatment plan template comes with (i.e. 60 Day Treatment Plan can be configured as being 20 days of Residential and 40 days of Partial Care). Treatment Plan Templates may then be easily added to any Intake Opportunity and it will insert the treatment plan with the step-down dates accordingly.
  • Treatment Plans: Discharge Information - A new feature called Discharge Information is now available in the Treatment Plans section of each Intake Opportunity to allow Dazos CRM users to enter the initial discharge plans for incoming clients, inputting where the patient will be discharging to upon completion, which will make the Dazos CRM automatically create the Outbound Referral when the patient discharges. Treatment Plans are accessible as the last icon under the Intake Opportunity screen's icons "ribbon" area.
  • Global Treatment Program filter - There is a new global filter in the Dazos CRM that will allow users to filter the entire CRM by locations (Treatment Programs). By clicking on the first "Facility" icon on the Dazos CRM header, a user can now filter the entire CRM by Treatment Program or by a group of Treatment Programs, and only records for the selected location(s) will be shown. Administrators may now also limit CRM Users so that they only have access to view information for certain locations, allowing for location-specific users to be set up.
  • New Fields added to Accounts and Opportunities - The Opportunities module has a few new fields that work in conjunction with the new Treatment Plans functionality: Discharging To, Expected Length of Stay, and Expected Discharge Date. The Accounts module also has a new field: Member ID, that will work in conjunction with the primary insurance under the Insurance Policies for the Account.
  • Global Search Settings - There is a new Settings screen under Module Management called Global Search Settings. This Settings screen allows Admin users to customize and refine the Dazos CRM global search tool, to configure which modules and which fields the global search function will search in. In addition, the Global Search will now also by default search inside the Related Contacts and Insurance Policies records, so that users may search for related contacts, their emails and/or phone numbers, or patient/subscriber insurance policy details like Member ID and Group ID.
  • Transaction Category Role Limitations - Administrators are now able to limit the Transaction Categories by Role, allowing certain CRM users/roles to be configured to only view and add certain Transaction Categories. For example, you may now have an Operations/BHT CRM user that only has access to view and post operational/housing transactions and not other types of transactions.
  • Staffs Module Renamed to Referral Contacts - Globally, the Staffs module has now been renamed to Referral Contacts, in order to have a clearer name that clearly identifies what this module is for. Referral Contacts allow you to add unlimited contacts to your Referral Sources.
  • Admit Patient confirmation popup on Intake Opportunities - Upon clicking on Admit Patient on an Intake Opportunity, the Dazos CRM will now present a popup asking the user to confirm several things on Admission, including: The Admission Date, Bedboard Assignment, Treament Plan, and if you want to send the patient to the EMR from there.
  • Customizable Submit New Lead screen - There is a new setting under the Accounts and Intake Opportunities Module Fields and Layout, that allows you to specify if any field in those 2 modules should appear in the "Submit New Lead" screen (under iVerify). This enables Administrators to fully customize this Submit New Lead screen and add other fields to it that are not Mandatory and did not previously show on this screen.
  • Webforms/Webhooks for Transactions - Webforms / Webhooks may now be configured by Admin users in order to integrate external "Make a Payment" pages and forms that may be on your Organization's website. These webforms/webhooks will look for an existing Account/Opportunity (based on patient name and DOB collected on the form), and create the Payment Transaction with the CRM, eliminating the need to then manually post patient payments in the CRM and instead, having the CRM automatically post the payment transaction and adjust the patient's Final Balance when they make a payment through the website.
  • Travel Itinerary Form Changes - The Travel Itinerary module has now changed to allow for unlimited flights or other modes of travel to be recorded for a single Itinerary. Rather that being limited to Flight 1 and Flight 2 Details, you may now simply click on Add Travel Record and add any number of flights, train rides, ride-share rides, bus rides, or any other method of travel.
  • iVerify Automation Reports now available in CRM Settings - The reports that get generated and emailed when the iVerify Automation runs can now be viewed at any time directly from the CRM under CRM Settings -> Configuration -> iVerify Settings by clicking on the "iVerify Automation Report Log" button, avoiding the need to rely on the sent emails to view these reports.
  • EMR Integration Mapping Options - More advanced mapping settings have been added to the EMR Integrations, so that Administrators may customize and configure the way their Dazos CRM integrates and communicates with the EMR and choose which type of data gets shared between the systems and in what direction.
  • Task Module Improvements - Some basic improvements have been made to the Tasks module, allowing a user to easily search for and link the task to any object when it is added from the Calendar view or the Quick Add menu, and removing the confusing duplicate parent reference field that was previously visible.
  • My Billing Account - You may now access your Dazos billing account, view and update your card on file, and view your Dazos statements, invoices and payments directly from your Dazos CRM by going to My Preferences (under CRM Settings or your user icon on the top right) and clicking on "My Billing Account".
  • Bugfix - Commenting now updates Last Modified Date - Adding a Comment to any object now updates that object's "Last Modified Time", where it wasn't doing so previously.

Version: 2.1 Release Date: 05/26/2022

  • New Tabbed View! CRM users may now navigate with internal tabs within the Dazos CRM, allowing the user to keep multiple tabs open at the same time within the same browser window, one tab for each section of the CRM. Tabbed View can be quickly enabled on the top right corner of the CRM by going to the "User" icon and clicking on "Tabbed View".
  • New Feature: Treatment Plans! A new feature called Treatment Plans is now available to allow Dazos CRM users to enter the initial treatment plans for incoming clients, inputting the pre-planned Levels of Care and step-down dates for each client, accumulating to a total planned Length of Stay. These Treatment Plans can be used to report on and analyze planned stays vs actual stays, by level of care. Treatment Plans are added to Intake Opportunity and is the accessible as the new, last icon under the Intake Opportunity screen's icons "ribbon" area.
  • New iVerify Layout - A new, cleaner, easier to read layout has been released for the Instant VOB details screen. Admin users may now sort and limit/remove/add the benefit categories listed on iVerify results screens, and non-behavioral health benefits have been removed from the screen by default. The benefit category selection and sorting can be accessed by Administrators under CRM Settings -> Configuration -> iVerify Settings, in the Iverify Service list section.
  • Phone Numbers and Emails now Searchable - The global Search function now searches through all phone number and email fields, allowing users to quickly find patients and other records by the phone number or email address.
  • Insurance Policies now viewable from Opportunity Screen - The Intake Opportunity details screen now includes a new tab on the right for "Insurance Policies", listing and allowing the management of the parent Account's Insurance Policies directly from the Opportunity screen without having to go to the Account's screen.
  • Admit Patient and Discharge Patient buttons - Buttons for Admit Patient and Discharge Patient have been added to the Intake Opportunity screen to facilitate the process of Admitting or Discharging patients through a simple button click, rather than manually changing the sales stages. These buttons will result in a popup that will allow users to verify the Admission or Discharge information prior to completing the action, as well as take additional actions such as adding an Outbound Referral while discharging a patient or assigning a bed from the bedboard or confirming / adding a Treatment Plan on Admission action.
    Recurring Charges - Recurring Charges may now be added under the Transactions Module. This feature may be used to set up recurring rent, medication, or other miscellaneous charges on a client's account.
  • Sorting / Ordering of Dashboards - Admin users may now change the order of the Dashboards, including the first (initial) dashboard that shows upon login. Available under Settings -> User Management -> Dashboard Role Settings
    Exporting of Reports in PDF Format - All reports may now be exported directly into PDF format without the need for using the Print function. The "Schedule Reports" feature also includes PDF exports now.
  • DateTime Fields - Admin users may now add DateTime type of fields to any form. DateTime fields are fields where users can enter both a date and a time into a single field, with a friendly date/time selector. Available under "Customize -> Form Fields and Layout" under Add Custom Field for all modules.
  • Global Picklists - Picklists may now be added as Global Picklists, allowing Admin users to easily re-use picklists from any module on the CRM on any other module. Available under "Customize -> Form Fields and Layout" on picklist type of fields for all modules.
  • Import/Export Picklist Values - Picklist Values may now be imported from CSV files and exported to CSV files. For large picklists, this new feature allows for easier management of the picklist options/values.
  • Webforms/Webhooks for VOBs and PAAs - Webforms / Webhooks may now be configured by Admin users in order to integrate external "Verify Your Benefits" forms and "Pre-Admission Assessment" that may be on your Organization's website. These webforms/webhooks will create a lead, convert it to an account and opportunity, and create the VOB or PAA, all at the same time, or add it under a matching patient's latest existing Opportunity (based on Name and DOB).
  • Password Protect PDFs - Administrators may now configure a password for PDF files. Password-protecting your PDF files will force anyone to enter the password when opening a VOB, Pre Assessment, or report PDF file generated by the Dazos CRM. Available under CRM Settings -> Configuration -> Notification Settings.
  • Settings Menu changes - The CRM Settings sub-menu has been significantly altered for simplicity. A new menu item has been added called Integration, and several of the links previously under the Configuration menu have been moved to the new Integration menu, and others have been moved to the Module Management menu.
  • Comments accessible from Task detail screen - The Task (calendar activity) detail screen now contains the full Comments section that will display the comments from the task's related item (Account or Opportunity) and allow users to directly enter new comments into the item that the task is related to from the task screen.
  • Transactions Module List - The Transactions list is now available directly from the left menu, giving users access to a filterable list of all Transaction records in the CRM.
  • Level of Care History integration with Kipu EMR - The Kipu EMR integration now includes pulling of the LOC History from Kipu into the Dazos CRM for reporting purposes.
  • Service Fee Capabilities - Service fees may now be added on top of payments collected through the Transactions module. Can be configured as a percentage or a flat fee.
  • Bi-Directional Integration with Dazos IQ - The Transactions module is now fully bi-directionally integrated into Dazos IQ. Payments made through the CRM for Patient Responsibility categories will automatically get posted to Dazos IQ and payments made through the Patient Collections module in IQ will automatically post in the CRM.
  • All Description fields re-named to Notes - Across the entire Dazos CRM, all fields previously named Description have been re-named to Notes, in consistency with Behavioral Health standards.

Version 2.0 Release Date 04/12/2022

  • New Theme / CRM Layout! New & Improved Look & Feel - same great Dazos CRM. Without sacrificing any functionality or features, the highly anticipated Dazos CRM 2.0 is now out! Also don't forget to check out the new Dazos CRM on your Mobile device or the Dazos Mobile App - it is 100% mobile-friendly!
  • EHR Integrations - Dazos CRM now has released bi-directional API integrations with 3 popular Behavioral Health EHRs: KIPU, Alleva, and Opus. Contact Dazos support to configure your EHR integration.
  • New Bedboard Module - A brand new module to completely manage your Bedboard and available beds. Beds within the bedboard can be booked, reserved, and released by Opportunities, according to their Admission and Discharge dates and how they affect the bed availability. Fully integrated with all 3 EHR and their internal Bedboards.
  • New Transactions Module - A brand new, highly anticipated Transactions module has been released. The Transactions module sits under the Accounts module (the Account is a parent of the Transactions), and allows users to start tracking all sorts of patient finances and transactions, including charges and payments for medications, rent, groceries, private pays, and much more. Includes invoicing capabilities and integrations with online payment gateways and QBMS. An Account Balance section has also been added to the Account details screen, with clickable details that sum up all of the charges and payments and presents the user with the patient balance summary details.
  • 2-Factor Authentication - 2 Factor Authentication has been enabled for all CRM users. The first time you use a device to log in to Dazos, you will now be required to enter a verification code that will be e-mailed you to (HIPAA requirement). This authentication will only be required the first time on any device and will be skipped after you verify your login on that device.
  • Account Locks - After 5 failed login attempts, users will now be locked out of the CRM for 1 hour (HIPAA requirement). Accounts can be manually un-locked by Admins under the Manage Users screen

Version 1.8 Release Date: 02/28/2022

  • iVerify Policy Reimbursement History - New, highly anticipated feature displays historical out of network re-imbursement data for any policies that Dazos has re-imbursement history on, directly from the iVerify results screen. Users can now view historical reimbursement numbers for different services as they are verifying a policy with iVerify. Role-based permissions - meaning this can be visible or non-visible to certain users, depending on their Role and if the role has this permission enabled under the VOB module.
  • LOC History / Current LOC - Intake Opportunities now have a Current Level of Care field and Level of Care History tracking. Accessible through the new LOC Hx Related Module icon in the Intake Opportunity screen.
  • Field Dependencies Through a new Settings screen in the CRM called Field Dependencies, we now have unlimited flexibility to set up custom dependency rules for any type of field, including the ability to make any field required, show a field, or hide a field based on another field's selection or input. Also works across related modules (a child module can have a field dependency based on a parent module field, and vice-versa).
  • Cross-Module Update Fields Workflows - Workflow Actions can now update a Related Module's field (child or parent module) based on a related Target module.
  • Rollup Tasks & Events - Accounts and Intake Opportunities can now "Roll-Up" activities (ON by default). Activities saved to Accounts can now be viewed on the Intake Opportunity screen and vice-versa.
  • Language Management - Users can now quickly create a new VOB (Full or Instant) by picking from the saved Insurance Policies on the parent Account, rather than having to enter the insurance information manually on the VOB it will use the parent Account's saved Insurance Policy information and instantly verify.
  • Length of Stay field & Workflow - New Length of Stay field on Intake Opportunity is being automatically updated by a Workflow once a patient discharges. Also now that we are tracking the LOS, unnecessary Admin DC and AMA/ACA Over/Under 5 Days have been removed from Admitted Status and replaced with simple Admin DC and AMA/ACA statuses.
  • Unnecessary Quick View and Popups removed - Removed the unneccessary Quick Add and Quick View popups when adding or viewing a Related Module item from a list. Instead, it now takes users directly to that item's Details Screen or Add screen. Quick View is still available through the Quick View magnifying glass icon.
  • Edit Picklist Values from Module Fields & Layout - There is now a link to edit the picklist values for a field directly from the Module Fields & Layout screen.
  • Outbound Referrals tab added to Referral Source Details Screen - You can now view all related Outbound Referrals directly from the Referral Source screen (new icon).
  • List-Based Workflow Emails - With Time Interval based workflows, users can now send Workflow emails containing lists of all items matching conditions, rather than individual e-mails for each item. This enables the sending of lists (i.e. Today's Admissions, Today's Airport Pickups, Today's Discharges, etc).
  • New Dashboard / Report Graph styles - including Stacked Bar Graphs with a 2nd Grouping Option - Users can now create stacked graphs with 2 grouped metrics (i.e. Current Census by LOC)
  • Updates tab added to all Modules - you can now view the history of any changes made to any item/object within the Dazos CRM using the global Updates tab inside the Detail screen.
  • Read-Only fields can now be added to any Module. Read-only fields are fields that display but are not manually editable in the CRM, however they may be updated automatically by Workflows or by API Integrations.
  • Multiple new Treatment Workflows added: Alumni Followup Tasks, Open Lead Followup Tasks, Referral Source Followup Tasks, Referral Source automated Emails.
  • Webhooks instructions added to the Webforms area - Webhook instructions may be easily emailed.

Version 1.7 Release Date: 01/10/2022

  • Rename Fields - Fields can now be easily re-named in the Module Fields & Layout screen.
  • Quick Edit capabilities added to all CRM Summary (Key Fields) and Details screens (edit 'pencil' icon added to most fields - those without Dependencies).
  • Related Contacts - Leads and Accounts now have the ability to add multiple related contacts, including emergency contacts. Visible from the Account screen and all Intake Opportunity screens.
  • Insurance Policies - Leads and Accounts can now add multiple insurance policies.
  • Quick VOB Creation using saved Insurance Policies - Users can now quickly create a new VOB (Full or Instant) by picking from the saved Insurance Policies on the parent Account, rather than having to enter the insurance information manually on the VOB it will use the parent Account's saved Insurance Policy information and instantly verify.
  • Rollup Tasks & Events - Accounts and Intake Opportunities now have the ability to "Roll-Up" activities - enabling users to view Tasks and Events related to parent/child accounts on either the Account or the Opportunity.
  • Limited Access Users by Role - Through a new setting/checkbox on the Roles screen called "Limit Access", Admin users can now limit any CRM user's access to ONLY view the items that are assigned to them. Users assigned to a Limited Access role will only be able to see objects in the entire CRM where they are set as the: Assigned To, Sales Rep, Closing Agent, or Assisting Team Member fields, and will not be able to see any other objects globally within the CRM.
  • Quick Outbound Referral on Discharge - When changing an Opportunity's Admitted Status to any o Discharged statuses, users can now quickly add an Outbound Referral as they are discharging the patient.
  • Related Modules Edit Columns - Admin users can now modify the columns they want to view when viewing the list of Related Modules/Objects inside any Detail screen.
  • Instant VOB Run Type Field - A new field has been added to the Instant VOB called Instant VOB Run Type. This is a picklist with 3 options: Initial Run, Re-Run, or Automation Run. This field will allow Dazos CRM to report on initial Instant VOB (iVerify) submissions vs Policy Re-verification and Automation runs.
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