Rehab CRM Platform

A CRM is used to manage the entire lifecycle of a lead, from initial inquiry to becoming an alumnus. 
It ensures that each lead receives the best possible care and support throughout their journey to recovery.

What is a CRM



Dazos CRM is the premier turnkey Customer Relationship Management solution, tailor-made for Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health facilities of all sizes. Delivering the features you need at minimum 60% less than competitors, it comes ready out-of-the-box with little to no customization or implementation required.

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Stay Connected & In Control

Effortlessly Manage Business Leads and Referrals

Time is precious and knowledge is power. Regain your sense of control with platform integrations and real-time dashboards. After years of managing dual diagnosis treatment facilities and patients with substance use disorder, we grew tired of settling for software solutions that simply were neither powerful enough nor intended for our industry. 

We needed an addiction treatment customer relationship management platform that could track marketing campaigns, monitor leads and referral sources, run VOBs and preadmission assessments, manage travel and bed assignments, report on treatment history and claim reimbursements, and maintain immaculate records for UR authorizations, all the while keeping our organization in compliance. No treatment CRM software as robust existed in the marketplace to provide sales and marketing support or the quality of customer interaction we wanted, so we got to work developing it ourselves.

As development progressed, additional quality of life features were implemented, such as Task Assignment, Calendar Management, Call Tracking, and an embedded Email and Messaging system for team collaboration. With all of the tools in one window, your reps can focus their attention on what matters most - the patient.

Ready, yet fully Customizable Interface

Ready out-of-the-box with a user-friendly interface designed to intuitively fit the admissions workflow, our Rehab CRM can be customized as easily as a desktop background. Internal communication is also made simple with attachable tags and comments. Enable fully configurable workflows to perform automated tasks and send notifications. Customize forms, reports and dashboards to suit your needs and priorities.

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Fully Integrated

Our Rehab CRM seamlessly integrates with Call Tracking Metrics, Call Rail, Kipu EMR, Alleva EMR, Sunwave EMR, Other BH EHR, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more to bring you a one-stop solution. Increase efficiency with features like lead creation on incoming calls and one-click Facesheet creation in your EMR. Worried about switching? Migrate historical data from your current CRM with our import/export tool or via API in no time.
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Powerful Reporting

With advanced real-time insights, you can make informed decisions in a moment's notice and improve outcomes. Prebuilt dashboards track marketing campaigns, lead sources, admissions, discharges, team member performance, and much more, all in real-time. The CRM solution integrates with your EMR and our IQ product to also provide you with CPA, ROI, Expense, and Revenue reports.
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Instant Verification

Oversimplify your admissions workflow with our iVerify plug-in and do away with duplicate data entry. Simply enter your lead information into a single form and have your verification added to their file instantly. Set automated reverifications for your patients and catch any coverage issues before they become a problem. You will also gain access to our most coveted feature: Policy Reimbursement History to forecast revenue. 
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Real-Time Lead Tracking & Marketing Attribution

Competition takes on a whole new meaning in the realm of healthcare admissions, as there is a visceral sense of urgency to every admit and clinical appropriateness will always remain the primary determining factor. Regardless of whether a potential admission originates from a referral partner, phone call or web contact form, your admissions team needs efficient and powerful tools to enable them to treat every contact as if it is an emergency, all the while managing your budget in order to continue saving lives and healing families. With this in mind, our addiction treatment CRM platform directly integrates with contact center software like CallTrackingMetrics, CallRail, and Five9, as well as our iVerify Instant VOB tool to allow your admissions agents to focus their attention on the caller, rather than struggle to manage multiple platforms at once.

In addition to intuitive workflow and ease of use, having built-in platform integrations also enables real-time marketing attribution, which is an essential function of managing your marketing campaigns and budget. If, say, you are trying to reach more patients in need of care by running ads on Google, radio stations, video streaming services, and even a billboard. Running ads is costly; thus, you need to be able to differentiate which marketing source is generating your leads. So, you assign a unique phone number and landing page URL for each individual source. This way, you know exactly where a given contact is originating. If the ratio of lead generation tips more in favor toward one source or another doesn't generate any at all, you know where to adjust your marketing spend: scaling back the low performer and throttling the one that helps you reach the most.

In the end, it is all about the patient, and we developed our substance abuse treatment CRM for drug rehab to make sure you can give them the best experience possible. Even if your treatment program is not the best fit for a given patient's specific needs, our platform acts as a referral tracker as well. You will be able to easily identify a clinically-appropriate referral partner from the database and provide the patient with options that will be mutually beneficial for all parties in a matter of seconds. Our integrated messaging system and reporting structure means you will be able to securely transfer all of a potential patient's admissions data along with them to the partner facility, saving time and maintaining compliance along the way.

Housing all of your admissions platforms within the Dazos CRM enables you to examine performance of employees, vendors, marketing campaigns, referral partners, and insurance payors in real-time with our prebuilt dashboards. They are fully customizable and can be edited without downtime or the need for a dedicated administrator. No more waiting until the end of the month for a beguiling report; have up-to-date analytics simplified at your fingertips at all times in order to make decisions on the spot.

We are a software and technology company focused on providing solutions for the addiction treatment and behavioral health space, founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, and software development fields.
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