Customer Relationship Platform (CRM)

Stay connected and informed.

Manage business leads and referrals like a pro. Stay informed and engaged with real-time dashboards.

A CRM built forthe SA/MH environment. Manage and track leads, referral sources, VOBs, Assessments, travel, UR authorizations and much more. Activities (Tasks, Events, Calendar) management and our embedded e-mail system allow you to track your marketing team’s activities. Set up full automation of e-mail communications on triggers you define.


Ready-to-use with a clean interface. Pre-built dashboards track admissions, discharges, lead sources, team member performance, and much more in real-time. Internal communication is made easy with attachable tags and comments. Customize forms and dashboards to suit your needs and priorities


Our CRM integrates with CallTrackingMetrics, Kipu EMR, Klipfolio, and more to bring you a complete solution. Increase efficiency with features like lead creation on incoming calls and face-sheet creation in Kipu EMR. Dazos CRM can even migrate historical data from your current CRM via import/export or via custom API integrations by the Dazos development team


Dazos CRM provides you with built-in reports and custom reports. Robust reporting tools for leads, referral sources and marketing. The CRM integrates with our IQ product to provide you with marketing ROI reports. Easily access revenue data for your admissions and business development reps, referral sources, campaigns and lead sources.


Our iVerify plug-in simplifies admissions workflow. Avoid using multiple systems and double data-entry. Enter your lead information into a single page and have its benefits automatically verified by the system. Set up recurring, automated re-verification of your current patients and catch any policy issues quickly.

Information is Power

Save time and money. Our CRM does both for you and much more.

Dazos CRM is a turnkey solution for SA/MH providers. It delivers the features you need at an extremely competitive cost versus competitors. Ready out-of-the-box and requires little to no customization or implementation. Dazos CRM is at minimum 60% more affordable than competitors.

Migrating all of your historical data from your current CRM can be done via import/export or via custom API integrations by the Dazos development team.


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