iVerify - Instant Verification of Benefits

Pay-as-you-use, easy to use

Instant Verification of Benefits tool and mobile app

iVerify – Our easy to use, pay-as-you-use Instant Verification of Benefits tool comes embedded into our fully featured mobile app for iOS and Android, putting the entire Dazos system at your fingertips wherever you are!

Simple lead submission & benefit verification

With our easy-to-use mobile app and iVerify tool, your reps can now submit and verify insurance policies and obtain benefit information on the go! Best of all, submitted leads and instant VOB results will automatically be in your Dazos CRM as Intake Opportunities, giving your admissions management team direct, real-time access to submitted leads and policies – say goodbye to duplicate data entry forever!

Automated policy re-verification

Set up iVerify to automatically re-verify the policies for your active patients on a constant basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and make sure that you catch any changes to policies quickly – avoid getting caught by surprise with termed plans or out-of-pocket resets with instant e-mail notifications of changes to previously verified plans and re-verification summary e-mails.

Fully integrated with Dazos CRM & RCM

You already know that by using iVerify your reps can submit leads and verify policies from the office or on the go, but did you know that because iVerify stems from the Dazos system, it comes fully integrated into the CRM and RCM? This means that as soon as your reps submit their leads and policies, they will become available to your CRM users on the back-end and have the Instant VOB attached!

No Commitment, Pay-as-you-use system

There is no monthly fee or commitment to use Dazos iVerify – iVerify uses “credits” (1 credit = 1 successful verification). Once your free trial credits are up, you simply buy more credits as you go… as you verify more policies and deplete your credits, you can purchase more or use our auto-replenish feature. And… the more credits you buy, the cheaper each credit gets!

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