Powerful Tools for Healthcare Billing and Admissions

The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is the first system of its kind. Designed for behavioral health, it delivers clear, informative reporting. Featuring industry-specific tools that find and track underpaid claims, manage leads and much more. It is simple to use and mobile-friendly and integrates with existing software and data. The Dazos BI Suite saves time, finds revenue and helps inform decisions.


Our easy to use, pay-as-you-use Instant Verification of Benefits tool comes embedded into our fully featured mobile app for iOS and Android, putting the entire Dazos system at your fingertips wherever you are!


Take command of relationships and referrals. Our CRM system makes it simple to manage and track leads, accounts, referral sources, campaigns and more. Works seamlessly with our RCM solution and your existing data.


Maximize and forecast revenue. Easily find denials and act on low and late payments. View and track claim-level details. Speed up collections. Precision reporting tools that deliver actionable data and reminders.


We are a healthcare focused technology company founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, and software development fields. Our company and products rose out of an unmet, critical need for tools that empower proper oversight and management of behavioral health care facilities.


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Make Smarter Admissions Decisions

Dazos RCM Policy Checker empowers your admissions team to make better decisions and avoid policies which pay too low.

Real-Time Custom Dashboards

Track admissions, discharges, leads, team performance, and more. Customize forms and dashboards to suit your needs and priorities

Automated Claim Flagging

Dazos RCM can automatically flag unpaid or underpaid claims. Never again lose sight of potential revenue or outstanding claims.

Powerful Reporting

Reporting tools for leads, referral sources and reps. View revenue data for admissions and business development reps, referral sources and more.


Add Even More Functionality with Plug-Ins.

Supercharge your Dazos RCM and CRM with plug-ins that introduce even more features and integration.

  • Sales Force Integration (RCM Plug-in)

  • Kipu EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)

  • iVerify Instant Benefits Verification (CRM Plug-in)

iVerify Instant

iVerify Pricing

100 credits: $100
500 credits: $350 ($0.70/each)
1,000 credits: $500 ($0.50/each)
2,500 credits: $1,000 ($0.40/each)
5,000 credits: $1,750 ($0.35/each)

No Monthly Fee or Commitment

Pay as you use

Unlimited Users

Automated Re-Verifications

Mobile App for iOS and Android

Basic Support Included (helpdesk)

Customer Relationship

CRM Pricing

$ 475 Per Month

All CRM Features Included

Includes 5 Seats (users)

Unlimited Locations

Basic Support Included (helpdesk)

+ $75 Monthly per additional seat (user)
50 + users? Contact us for pricing
+ $125 Premium Support (phone/chat)

Complete Suite:

RCM & CRM Suite Pricing

$ 1,350 Per Month

Fully Featured RCM and CRM System

Access to Marketing Revenue Reports

Includes 5 Users

Basic Support Included (helpdesk)

+ $65 Monthly per additional seat (user)
For multi location pricing please contact us​

Revenue Cycle

RCM Pricing

$ 999 Per Month

All RCM Features Included

Automated Flagged Claims

Claim Followup Mgmt

Unlimited Users

Basic Support Included (helpdesk)

For multi location pricing please contact us​
+ $0.25 per service unit
+ $125 Premium Support (phone/chat)

“An amazing platform that helps us understand where we are in this industry! We'd be lost without it.”

Steve WatkinCEO

“This product saved our business, I would recommend these tools to anyone struggling to understand their facility revenue!”

John DanielsCOO