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Powerful Tools for Behavioral Health Revenue & Admissions

The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is the first system of its kind. Tailored specifically for substance abuse and behavioral health, it delivers clear, informative reporting.

Featuring industry-specific tools for the addiction treatment vertical that manage leads, monitor marketing campaigns, find and alert you to underpaid claims, and much more. It is simple to use, mobile friendly, and integrates with existing software and data.

The Dazos BI Suite saves time, finds revenue, and helps inform decisions that improve treatment outcomes.
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There is no shortage of Verification of Benefits providers out there, and we've used many of them ourselves throughout the years, but far too many opportunities were lost due to turnaround time or incomplete policy details. Time spent with your potential client during the admissions and assessment process is precious, and having to schedule a follow up call because you have to wait for a VOB is an unacceptable loss risk. Even worse are cases when you learn that a policy only offers in-state benefits or has termed after a client has already been admitted. This needed to be addressed. Available within our substance abuse treatment CRM software or as a standalone product with a fully featured mobile app for both iOS and Android, Dazos iVerify provides instant cloud based results with these details that really matter. As an added bonus, your team gains access to our proprietary Policy Reimbursement History in real time as they verify policies!


Your primary tool for driving admissions, a CRM is more often tolerated than appreciated. We say it a lot, but our HIPAA Compliant CRM is truly built by and for the behavioral health industry. After years of sparing no expense on consultants to build custom instances of popular CRMs to fit our needs, we still faced questions of HIPAA compliance, ease of use, time management, cloud service outages and downright offensive premiums. If we wanted even the smallest changes made, like a lead object renamed or a button moved, mountains needed to be moved and it took weeks. Well, not anymore. For organizations who value the minute details of every single lead, our HIPAA compliant behavioral health CRM gives you true oversight of your entire admissions and marketing departments. No more complicated code swapping to track marketing attribution, disjointed call center operations or getting nickel and dimed for features that should have been included. The Dazos CRM provides unlimited reporting and dashboards, built-in call tracking integration, instant VOB and much more. Oh, and this comes fresh out of the box without the heavy cost or wait time.



Substance use treatment billing and revenue cycle management is nothing short of science. Whether you have a treatment CRM and EMR being managed by a stellar team in house or partner with a third party billing company, claims tend to pile up and fall through the cracks, which too often leads to reimbursement losses due to Timely Filing deadlines. No other revenue cycle management software solution available addresses this issue, so we decided to remedy it ourselves. Dazos IQ utilizes automated cloud based tools, giving you full visibility into your billing to forecast and maximize your revenue collection. AI will quickly locate denials, alert you to low and late payments, and it will provide you with intuitive solutions in order to act upon them. You no longer need to be a billing expert to track claim-level details and speed up collections. It's your revenue; we help you find and maximize it.
Real-Time Custom Dashboards
Track admissions, discharges, leads, team performance, and more. Customize forms and dashboards to suit your needs and priorities
Automated Claim Flagging
Dazos IQ automatically flags unpaid or underpaid claims. Never again lose sight of potential revenue or outstanding claims.
Powerful Reporting Tools
Reporting tools for leads, referral sources and reps. View revenue data for admissions and business development reps, referral sources and more.
Make Smarter Admissions Decisions
Dazos IQ Policy Checker empowers your admissions team to make better decisions and avoid policies which pay too low.
Dazos iVerify
& Mobile App


Supercharge your Dazos IQ and CRM with HIPAA Compliant plug-ins that introduce even more features and integration.
Our services
Built by and for the Behavioral Health Industry: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment CRM
Tools you need
Optimizes admissions, marketing & revenue cycle.
Salesforce Integration (IQ Plug-in)
Kipu EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
Salesforce Integration (IQ Plug-in)
Kipu EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
Alleva EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
Sunwave EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
LightningStep EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
Salesforce Integration (IQ Plug-in)
Kipu EMR Integration (CRM Plug-in)
iVerify Instant Verification of Benefits (CRM Plug-in)
MailChimp / ConstantContact / HubSpot Integration 
CallTrackingMetrics / CallRail Integration (CRM) 
Behavioral Health and Mental Health disorders don't follow a schedule and are always inconvenient. Thus, an admissions call can come at all hours. Moreover, the caller is in crisis and likely having the worst day of their life.

Imagine yourself after a long day of work: You get yourself situated, maybe take care of the kid(s) and/or pet(s), do some quick chores around the house, prepare a meal, and then finally sit down. 
Your phone rings. It's a potential admit.

If you work in treatment, you know this feeling. At the drop of a dime, you have to muster up the energy, regain your composure, and answer the call. This is what you do. You are the rock for people who have lost their stability; you are their candle in the dark. You have to be prepared.

We, too, have been there. We've spent countless nights talking people back from the brink. And after years of doing so, we also wanted to serve you, the unsung heroes on the front line. The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is our gift to you. More than an Instant VOB processor, Behavioral Health CRM software, and Revenue Cycle Management tool, it is a revolution.

The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is our industry's way of looking Addiction and Co-occurring disorders in the eyes and confidently saying, "Nice try. Your move."

Schedule yourself a demo today, and handle those long nights on your terms.


  • Useful intelligence tools for our clinic, easing redundancy and maximizing our efficiency.


    An amazing platform that helps us understand where we are in this industry! We'd be lost without it.


    This product saved our business, I would recommend these tools to anyone struggling to understand their facility revenue!




The proliferation of digital healthcare solutions over the last few years continues to improve the lives of patients and providers alike. Equipped with intuitive systems and streamlined operations, employees can derive enjoyment from their careers. 

With a flexible, scalable, and secure system like Dazos, you can reduce the amount of time and effort required to accomplish mundane processes and redirect resources to where they are needed most, on providing the best possible patient experience. The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is designed with interoperability in mind, so you can integrate best-in-class solutions into one unified platform. 

Utilize cloud computing, machine learning and predictive analytics to convert business to pleasure. In doing so, you also improve the lives of your staff.
Rediscover the passion that brought you to this industry in the first place by converting the chore of managing your business into an effortless routine.
We are a software and technology company focused on providing solutions for the addiction treatment and behavioral health space, founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, and software development fields.
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