Dazos IQ Revenue Cycle Platform

Master your billing and your time.

Take control of your revenue cycle with precision tools. Dazos IQ is built to find and grow revenue.

The revenue tool designed by, and for behavioral health billing experts. Gain true insight into your billing and claims processes. Forecast cash flow. Get easy access to payor, patient, and claim-level detail. Leverage AI technology that flags underpaid claims for action. Import data directly from multiple billing systems and eliminate data entry. Access it all from any mobile device.


Ready-to-use solution. Built by behavioral health pros for behavioral health pros. No expensive consultants or work needed to make it fit your needs. Dazos is engineered to find and grow revenue by providing intelligent analysis.


Use Dazos IQ’s automated claim flagging system to view flagged unpaid or underpaid claims. Easily schedule follow-ups for flagged claims. Track progress with internal notes. Never again lose sight of potential revenue or outstanding claims.


Easy to use. Mobile-friendly and cloud based. No proprietary lock-ins. We never hold your data hostage. Designed for all behavioral health providers, small or large. Scalable platform with an intuitive process flow. Powerful, flexible, and extensible.


Dazos IQ works in harmony with our CRM platform. Your financial and marketing data live in the same environment. Integrates with existing systems like Collab MD and Advanced MD to download claim data on an ongoing basis.

Maximize Your Profitability

Make smarter admissions decisions with Dazos IQ Policy Checker.

The Dazos IQ Policy Checker provides your admissions team with relevant policy reimbursement data. Simply classifying payments as Low Pay, Medium Pay and High Pay (omitting actual dollar amounts). This empowers your admissions team to make better admissions decisions and avoids policies which pay too low for your business

Dazos IQ is designed to work seamlessly with our CRM product to deliver a complete solution for your healthcare business. Both IQ and the CRM integrate with your existing data and software.


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