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What is Revenue Cycle Management
Tired of running to the mailbox only to find it empty or opening an envelope from a payor and discovering that your reimbursement check is but a fraction of the authorization? 

This is an all-too-common occurrence, 
and Dazos is here to help. 

Capture unprecedented insight into your 
Billing and Claims Processes with IQ. 

With our AI Powered Revenue Cycle Management software, you can easily access payor, patient, and claim-level details to finally forecast your cash flow before a patient admits to your facility. 

Master your Collections Procedure with IQ. 
AI technology identifies and flags unpaid and underpaid claims for you and packages them with the necessary documentation to resubmit and collect the full authorization. 

Amplify your Time Management with IQ.
Automatically import data directly from multiple billing systems like CollaborateMD, AdvancedMD, and others to eliminate manual data entry, have your work autosaved on the cloud to avoid data loss, and utilize our Dazos Mobile App to access the platform on the go.

Designed For Healthcare

Healthcare billing is complicated enough by itself, and even more so when Utilization Review or Out of Network Payor relationships hang in the balance. IQ is the only RCM Software Solution intelligent enough to simplify your claims and collections processes without the need for a dedicated billing specialist.
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Claim Flagging & Follow-Up

Instead of pouring hours of analysis into pivot tables trying to identify unpaid or underpaid claims, then gathering documents to support adjustments before resubmitting a claim to a payor, let IQ's AI Powered Revenue Cycle Management Software do the work in seconds. Simply review and click Resubmit.
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Accessible & Scalable

IQ is so easy to use that you don't need any medical billing experience. Working remote? Our cloud based RCM Software gives you access from desktop, iOS and Android. We don't believe in proprietary lock-ins and never hold your data hostage, so your data will always be secure whether you come, go, downsize, or grow.
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Integrated & Flexible

Our Revenue Cycle Management Software works in harmony with our CRM platform and VOB tool, but they are merely recommended- not required. IQ can fit into any preexisting suite of software solutions you prefer, as long as they are HIPAA Compliant. You dictate how you want to do business; IQ just accelerates it.
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How a CRM System Improves Patient Experience in Healthcare
Do you know which policies reimburse you 100% or which get you paid quickest? IQ Policy Checker gives your Admissions Reps insight into the quality of a potential patient's policy by utilizing machine learning to classify it as Low Pay, Medium Pay, or High Pay. Eliminate the costly trial and error and empower your Admissions Team to make faster, better decisions on admits while also avoiding policies that negatively impact your bottom line.
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Split-Second Decisions

Do you know which of your payors has the best performance, as in which one reimburses your claims fastest and most consistently? Rather, during an admissions call, are you able to decide in a moment's notice whether or not a potential patient's policy is going to bring strain or relief to your cash flow? Dazos IQ ranks payors and policies for you, and for good reason: continuity. We want you to see a policy and be able to say, "Yep, that's a good one,' or, 'Hmm, that one is going end up underpaid and require resubmission." If you only have one bed available, which would you admit and which you refer to a partner?

See, we've been in your shoes. Prior to founding Dazos, we spent years owning and operating multiple dual diagnosis treatment facilities, and Revenue Cycle Management was always an area in which we felt there could be improvement. As a provider, we needed a system for sustainable revenue collection and needed to be able to collect it all; otherwise, we had to delay new admissions until we had been reimbursed for those whom had already discharged. It is a vicious cycle, but one in which you must adapt in order to thrive.

In cases when we partnered with stellar third-party billing companies, we never had full autonomy, because, even in the hands of a billing expert, a clearinghouse can only provide so much information. That's why we developed IQ. All of the other Business Intelligence platforms in the market rely on historical data to aggregate figures and form predictive models, whereas IQ utilizes next-gen AI to link payor data in real-time. This way, making an admissions decision can be done intelligently with support from empirical data, not as a gamble on historical trends.

TLDR: Dazos IQ provides you with payor performance rankings in real-time, so you can make better admissions decisions to accelerate your revenue and improve treatment outcomes by enabling you to provide a higher quality of care to more people.
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