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The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is designed to deliver visibility, accountability, and efficiency; powerful tools that empower your entire organization. What makes Dazos truly unique is the team and wealth of firsthand experience in the behavioral health space behind its development.

Only through years of managing dual diagnosis treatment facilities and software development would the Dazos BI Suite be made possible. Dazos provides all the data, workflows, and insights necessary to improve treatment outcomes.
Put reactionary management behind you, and start managing your operation proactively.

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To provide healthcare organizations with an innovative set of Business Intelligence tools - enabling them to spend less time managing the business and more time improving outcomes.

Who we are

We are a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, consulting, and software development fields. Our company and products rose out of an unmet, crucial need to address the seriously lacking tools available in the industry.

What we do

We work to provide you with the best tools possible for proper oversight and management of health care facilities. We’ve combined them into a Business Intelligence Suite that will change the way you operate and bring a whole new level of accountability and financial insight into your business.


Dazos is comprised of a very unique blend of healthcare and software professionals with extensive experience in both industries, and this alchemy churns out the Dazos difference. 

Throughout our combined experience, we encountered issues with the industry's standard software solutions that clearly arose from developers having no experience actually operating a treatment facility or from development being dictated by healthcare professionals with no knowledge of engineering a good user experience.

This made our mission clear: deliver a platform that we would genuinely be happy to use ourselves. Once that was accomplished, we decided to go further by adding features no other platforms could offer and to make it all available for a price that felt fair.

We were done paying premiums for software that didn't fit our unique needs, and you should be, too.  
Optimize admissions, marketing & revenue cycle
Built by and for the Behavioral Health Industry
Artificial Intelligence to maximize revenue
Eliminate redundancy & human errors

Designed for Healthcare

Built by behavioral health professionals for behavioral health professionals, so we know exactly what you need. No more expensive consultants or time wasted to get the proper functionality. Dazos is engineered to find and maximize your revenue by reducing the time it takes to manage your operation.

Accessible and Scalable

We built our BI Suite with the user in mind. All of our solutions are ridiculously easy to use, mobile-friendly to accommodate remote work, and cloud-based to enable auto-saving and ensure you never lose your data. Also, there are no proprietary lock-ins: we never hold your data hostage and integrate with all preexisting solutions. Whether small or large, your operation needs a scalable platform with an intuitive process flow that evolves with you.

Automated Claim Flagging & Follow-Up

Once you have witnessed the Dazos IQ Automated Claim Flagging system in action, you won't want to do business without it. The AI will flag unpaid and underpaid claims, allowing you to effortlessly follow up with payors and collect the full authorized amount. Never again lose sight of potential revenue or outstanding claims.

Integrated and Flexible

Dazos IQ works in harmony with our CRM platform and iVerify VOB tool, so that your financial and marketing data can live in the same environment. Integrate with existing systems like Alleva EMR, Kipu EHR, Collab MD, Advanced MD, and others to also keep your patient records and billing data updated in real-time.
We are a software and technology company focused on providing solutions for the addiction treatment and behavioral health space, founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, and software development fields.
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Boca Raton, FL 33431
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