Who We Are

Our Story

About Dazos

As previous, long-time operators of behavioral health facilities, we had tried over a dozen different third-party billing solutions. Yet, we still felt completely blind when it came to billing and revenue. No one was able to provide reports and data that would clarify what revenue is missing, what revenue has been received, and what revenue to expect.

It took days to learn something as simple as how much a specific policy or patient paid, or how much a campaign or referral source was bringing in. This is how the Dazos Business Intelligence Suite was created, to provide the insight we needed. We could not find the tools we needed, so we built them.

Our Mission

To provide healthcare organizations with an innovative set of business intelligence tools. Empowering our clients to forecast and maximize revenue, hold inter-company departments and vendors accountable and increase efficiency. Allowing them to shift their focus from worrying about covering expenses to providing excellent care to their patients.

Who we are

We are a group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the medical, behavioral health, and software development fields. Our company and products rose out of an unmet, crucial need to address the seriously lacking tools available in the industry.

What we do

We work to provide our customers with the best tools possible for the proper oversight and management of health care facilities. We’ve combined them into a Business Intelligence Suite that will change the way they operate and finally bring accountability and financial insight into the industry.


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