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Pathways to Recovery: How Dazos Streamlined Operations, Increased Alumni Engagement, and Increased Readmission Rates by Over 200%

By Renee Goodenough

July 1, 2024

Pathways Recovery Centers, a Midwest leader in addiction treatment centers offering detox through outpatient programs, understands the importance of streamlining operations to focus on what matters most: patient care. But managing multiple platforms for admissions, outreach, billing, and alumni relations was proving to be a disjointed and time-consuming effort. Enter Dazos, a HIPAA-compliant platform that promised to consolidate everything under one roof.

From Chaos to Clarity: A Single Platform for All Needs

Drew LaBoon, Director of Operations at Pathways, found himself juggling a staggering four different platforms, leading to wasted time and information silos. Dazos offered a welcome solution: a user-friendly platform that could handle everything from capturing leads to verifying insurance benefits. No more third-party billers or manual data entry – Dazos promised a one-stop shop for all their needs.

The results were immediate. Verification of benefits, a process that used to take hours, now took a mere five seconds. Admissions that previously stretched over days were completed within hours.

A Dashboard that Empowers and a Feature Admissions Teams Adore

Pathways wasn't just impressed by Dazos' efficiency; they were also captivated by its customizability. The dashboard provided real-time insights into team activity and outcomes, allowing Drew to keep a pulse on the entire operation. The admissions team, in particular, raved about the seamless integration with their EMR system, a feature Drew highlighted as a game-changer.

Beyond Efficiency: Driving Down Readmission Rates

Pathways' success story extends beyond streamlined operations. Traditionally, tracking alumni and preventing relapses proved challenging. They relied on social media groups, a method Drew readily admitted as "ineffective." Dazos provided a powerful solution: a platform to stay connected with alumni and identify potential relapses early on. This proactive approach significantly reduced admission costs, which previously hovered around $3k-$5k per raw admission.

The Power of Early Intervention: Saving Costs and Saving Lives

Perhaps the most impactful outcome of implementing Dazos was the dramatic increase in readmission rates. By effectively engaging with alumni and identifying potential relapses early, Pathways was able to intervene. This not only saved the center significant costs but, more importantly, played a crucial role in the overall well-being of their patients.

Pathways Recovery Centers' story is a testament to the power of technology in revolutionizing addiction treatment. Dazos' HIPAA-compliant platform not only streamlined operations and boosted efficiency but also empowered Pathways to forge stronger connections with their alumni, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. With Dazos by their side, Pathways Recovery Centers can confidently focus on their core mission: guiding individuals on the path to lasting recovery.

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