Case study: How Dazos increased revenue by 1.5M and increased admissions by 7% for Atlas Healthcare group

How Dazos Increased Revenue by $1.5 Million and Improved Admissions by 7% for Atlas Healthcare Group

By Renee Goodenough

June 4, 2024

Atlas Healthcare Group, a leading behavioral healthcare provider in Los Angeles, California, faced challenges managing patient inquiries and admissions with their old CRM system. Their previous system lacked features crucial for behavioral healthcare and caused integration headaches with their EMR and Google Ads. This led to delays, hindering their ability to act quickly on inquiries – a critical factor in the behavioral health field.

Dazos to the Rescue

Atlas implemented Dazos CRM and Dazos IQ, a powerful data analysis tool, to streamline operations and unlock valuable insights, ultimately propelling their revenue and admissions. Dazos CRM offered a user-friendly interface with built-in features specifically designed for behavioral healthcare.This eliminated the need for extensive customization and ensured a smooth workflow.

How Dazos helped Atlas Healthcare Group:

  • Streamlined Operations: Dazos' user-friendly interface and features made it easier for Atlas staff to manage patient interactions and admissions.
  • Seamless Integrations: Dazos integrated effortlessly with Atlas's EMR and Google Ads, minimizing delays and ensuring data flowed smoothly between systems.
  • Increased Efficiency: Faster response times to inquire due to Dazos' functionality led to a higher volume of admissions for Atlas.

Dazos improves Atlas Healthcare Group by increasing their revenue by 1.5M Year over Year since implementation. Dazos also improved Atlas Healthcare Group's collection rate by 4% and their alumni readmission rate by 7%.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Atlas Healthcare Group experienced significant benefits after implementing Dazos:

  • Improved Revenue Collection: Dazos IQ's claim flagging feature, a data analysis tool, helped Atlas increase their collection rate by an impressive 3.5-4%.
  • Enhanced Alumni Outreach: Dazos CRM's organization and notation capabilities facilitated a 7% increase in alumni readmission rates. This translates to significant revenue gains for Atlas, totaling $1.5 million since last year!
  • Reduced Lag Time: Dazos' smooth integrations eliminated delays in communication, allowing Atlas to act swiftly on inquiries and admissions, crucial for potential patients seeking treatment.

The Dazos Difference

As Sam Epstein, COO of Atlas Healthcare Group, says, "Dazos is transformational for our industry. To have everything in one place, under one umbrella has been amazing. I’m happy with Dazos because it meets the needs of our organization, specifically because it was tailored for behavioral health.”  

Ready to Transform Your Behavioral Healthcare Facility?

Contact Dazos today to see how we can help significantly increase admissions, revenue, and provide powerful insights into your business. 

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