Dazos CRM / EMR Integrations

Integrating Dazos CRM with Kipu / Alleva / Sunwave / LightningStep / Ritten / Best Notes / AdvancedMD EMR

Integrating your CRM with your EMR is now as easy as 1-2-3! As industry experts, we know that integrating CRMs like SalesForce with EMRs like Kipu, Alleva, Sunwave, LightningStep, and BestNotes can seem like a daunting, unaffordable, and even impossible task. The Dazos CRM comes pre-integrated in a bi-directional fashion with industry-leading Electronic Medical Records systems in order to eliminate duplicate data entry and avoid the management of patients on multiple systems, automatically synchronizing patient and admission data between the 2 systems on a constant basis using direct API connections.

The Dazos CRM API Integration with Kipu EMR, Alleva EMR, Sunwave, LightningStep, Ritten, BestNotes, and AdvancedMD EMRs will allow Dazos users to automatically send patients (Opportunities) to the EMR with the click of a button, creating the patient in the EMR instantly using all of the patient’s data in the CRM. The EMR Integrations are also fully customizable, allowing Dazos customers to manually map any fields in the CRM with any fields in their EMR. By default, the following fields are mapped automatically and get passed on to the EMR from the Dazos CRM:

  • Patient Name (First and Last Name)
  • Contact & Demographic Details:
    • Phone Number(s)
    • Email Address
    • DOB
    • Marital Status
    • Gender
    • Address
  • Referral Source
  • Related Contacts / Emergency Contacts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Program/Location
  • Admission Date
  • Bedboard Assignment
  • Pre-Admission Assessment PDF

In addition, the Dazos CRM on a constant basis retrieves changes made to patient charts in your EMR, in order to avoid having to maintain these changes in both systems. Once every hour at minimum, the CRM pulls back updates from Kipu, Alleva, and Sunwave EMRs and refreshes the following CRM data for each patient if any of the data is changed in the EMR:

  • Admission Date (if changed in the EMR)
  • Contact & Demographic changes (name, DOB, phones, marital status, address)
  • Current LOC
  • Admission Status
  • Discharge Date
  • Discharge Reason/Type
  • LOC at Discharge
  • Bedboard Assignment
  • Insurance Policies (if changed/added)
  • Related Contacts / Emergency Contacts (if changed/added)
  • Outbound Referrals (if a Referred To is put into the EMR)
Skip the headaches and large costs associated with a SalesForce integration with your EMR - whether it's Kipu, Alleva, LightningStep, BestNotes, or Sunwave the Dazos CRM comes with a hassle-free, fully functional integration out of the box!
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