March 22, 2023
Enhance Your Business Performance & Revenue with Dazos IQ and CRM

Are you looking for ways to enhance your business performance and revenue? Look no further than Dazos IQ and CRM. These powerful tools can help you boost digital traffic, improve data integrity, and streamline your operations. One of the latest features added to Dazos CRM is the ability to manually link CRM files to Kipu […]

March 20, 2023
Understanding the Lead and Opportunity Modules in a CRM System

When it comes to managing customer relationships, a CRM (customer relationship management) system can be an invaluable tool. One of the most important features of the Dazos CRM system is its ability to track and manage leads and opportunities. We'll take a closer look at how leads and opportunities are created and managed in the […]

March 15, 2023
How Dazos Streamlines Healthcare Operations with Salesforce Modules and Customizations

Are you tired of juggling multiple healthcare management tools? Do you wish there was an all-in-one solution that could streamline your operations? Look no further than Dazos. With Dazos, you can manage patient data, track referrals, and streamline your operations all in one place. One of the key benefits of Dazos is that it is […]

March 8, 2023
Maximize Your Lead Management Efficiency with iVerify's Integration with Dazos CRM & IQ

iVerify is a powerful tool for verifying insurance policies and submitting leads. It’s also fully integrated into the Dazos system, providing real-time access to submitted leads and policies. Find out how iVerify’s integration with Dazos CRM & Dazos IQ can help you manage leads more efficiently and grow your business.

March 4, 2023
Flexible Payment Options with Dazos iVerify's Pay-as-you-go System

Effective insurance policy management shouldn’t be a burden. That’s why Dazos iVerify offers a flexible pay-as-you-go system that allows you to verify policies and submit leads without breaking the bank.

March 1, 2023
Improving Behavioral Health Outcomes with Technology

Behavioral health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, yet it often receives less attention and resources compared to physical health. Our SaaS-based software offers a new and innovative solution to this challenge by making behavioral health care more accessible, efficient, and effective. Discover how our platform provides personalized treatment plans, collaborative care, and cost-effectiveness to empower your patients to achieve better outcomes.

February 26, 2023
How a CRM System Improves Patient Experience in Healthcare

A CRM system is an important tool for healthcare providers to manage patient relationships and improve patient outcomes. By providing a 360-degree view of the patient, scheduling appointments and reminders, and personalizing patient care, healthcare providers can improve patient satisfaction, reduce administrative overhead, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. Read on to discover how a CRM system can help your healthcare organization provide quality patient care.

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